Monday, December 30, 2013

The Crazy Weird Demon Named InuYasha

I just had walked into school. I saw my friends waving at me. They called me Tori because they had no idea what my real name was. They called me. There was two of them. Kayla and Molly. They both were really great friends. Kayla had blonde long hair that almost went to her bottom. Molly had black hair that was short and curly. Both of them had blue eyes.
When I walked up to them, Kayla said, "Tori, your eyes! They have turned yellow!" Molly nodded. Okay, maybe some of my demon nature was visible. "Plus, your eyes are not like they used to be. Not human pupils! Cat pupils."
I smiled. "I dunno." They apparently saw my fangs, too.
"Tori, are you sure, you're okay?" Molly asked.
"I'm fine!" I said, pushing her arm away from me. I walked away. "I'll see you guys at lunch!"
They walked the other way. When nobody was looking, I jumped onto the ceiling. Okay, maybe I can fly. I thought. I followed them, but I was on the ceiling, and they had no idea that I was listening.
"Is she a demon? She acts like one, she acts like InuYasha from the books." Molly said. InuYasha? That name! It's the name that was on Mom's note! 
"Definitely. We'll test her at lunch." Kayla said. Test me on what? I thought. "It's obvious. All dem, they just demons act the same way, they just try to hide it." They walked away. I jumped down from the ceiling.
There was a girl behind me.
"Demonic Aura, eh?" she asked. I nodded. "All the tests are the same. Torture to a demon, because the so called 'InuYasha' always ends up ruining them. Well, my name is Anna. Nice to meet you. Well, welcome to the BDFF Club." She smiled.
"I'm Tori. What does BDFF stand for I asked.
"It stands for: Best Demon Friends Forever. It's a club for demons hiding in the human world to get to know other demons." she whispered. "That InuYasha guy is like the leader of it. They say that he was the demon that died but never died." I looked strangely at her. "He'll sniff you out at lunch, and test you to see if you good enough to be in the club."
"So, I have to reveal my powers to the school?!" I asked.
"Yes. Everyone has a right to know. Even your friends." she said. "The more they know, the more they won't be scared of you because they already trust you." I nodded, then headed to class.
At lunch, Anna was right. A boy with white hair and dog ears came sniffing around the lunchroom. He kept getting up into people's faces and asking them if they were demons. Most of them slapped him in the face for asking the dumbest question ever. Then walked in a girl, behind him, who was wearing a uniform. She pointed at me. I stared straight at the girl, when I didn't notice that the dog-eared boy was standing right in front of me.
"Are you her? Toralei?" he asked. I nodded. He grabbed me by the color and threw me into the wall. I had landed upside down. The next thing I knew, he had a fat sword in his hand at he looked like he was about to murder me. I flew straight at him and busted through the wall. He landed on the ground and I was laying on top of him. I quickly jumped off of him and scooted away from him. The girl followed him. She bent down to my face. She looked me straight in the eye. I saw the boy get up behind her.
"Sit." she said and he was on the ground on his face.
"Kagome, I hate you." he said. His voice was muffled because his face was in the floor. As soon as the girl got up, the boy got up with her. I had noticed that the necklace her wore glowed when the girl said "sit". I threw a book at him. He looked confused. I think he saw the cover of the book. He showed the book to the girl.
"So? Humans make books on you. So what?" she asked. Written across the front and middle of the book was the letters: InuYasha. He opened the book up. 
I thought he smiled, but the he just threw the book on the ground and said the word, "Tetsusaiga!" I had no idea what it meant but he cut the book in half. The girl jumped. I thought the word he said was tet-sigh-ga. Which it was. I looked strangely at him. A boy with dog ears kind of like my cat ears. He was cute. He walked up towards me. "You're an interesting demon. Join the club." He held out his hand. I thought I should grab it, so I did. He lifted me up off the library floor. His hands were gentle but his face showed no expression. I looked back at the hole in the wall. Kayla and Molly stared at me. 
"Demon!" They both screamed at once. I thought they were talking about me. But they weren't. They were talking about the boy behind me. I stared at them. For some reason my eyes turned red. "Demon!!" They said, again. This time they were talking about me. This time they were hugging each other. They looked at each other and let go. I think they were embarrassed, because their faces were red. They looked away from each other. 
I turned to the dog demon boy. "How could you?!" I said. That just came out. "You scared my friends to death!" I sad, my body bolting in flames. I looked at my shoulder. "Ah!!" I thought it was going to burn me alive, but it didn't. I had closed my eyes to see what would happen. I opened one eye and looked at my flaring shoulder. This doesn't hurt. Why am I still here? Why am I not burned yet? I opened both eyes to look at my shoulder. I saw out of the corner of my eye a sword flying towards me. The thing I remember next was the sword never stabbed me. I opened my eyes to all the dust around me. I looked at myself. Not a scratch! I looked ahead. There was a big hole in the wall before me. The boy stared at me. I saw him mouth the word "whoa". I stared back at my friends. Molly had fainted. Kayla shrugged at me. 
The dog demon boy grabbed the girl and flew away. Did I scare them? Anna came up behind me. 
"Trust me, Tanna. He'll be back with the rest of his friends. More powerful than you think." She had her eyes closed. I walked outside and picked up a tree. I'll slaughter him! 
"I'll slaughter him!" I yelled. I had no idea what I just said. 
"You're not gonna wanna do that because one of his friends will suck you into oblivion." she said. 
"By the way, my name is Tori. Tor-y!" I yapped. She rolled her eyes. 
"Tanna." she said. 
"No, Tor-y" I said. We tried that for a while. I think she had a problem with her words, because she could not pronounce my name. I tried my real name. "Toralei." I said. 
"Toralype." she said. I shook my head. This girl is impossible. I thought. Well, with that, I just fought a demon dog boy! Anna said he'll be back and I hope he will. He's not my enemy. By the way he said, "Welcome to the club" made me think we'd be friends. Before her left with the girl on his back, he turned back to me and mouthed the words, "see you later, friend". 

My Story Of How My Demon Nature Came To Be

Hello, My name is Toralei. I prefer to be called Tori, but Toralei is fine. I am a cat demon. If you must know, I'll tell you.
It all started when I was just walking down a store isle of toys. The Monster High things were at the back. When I got there, I must have dozed into a daydream of Monster High. The next ting I knew, there was a sharp jab into my back. All I could see was red. I was like what the hell?! in my head. Soon the red started to fade. I started seeing normal again but a lot clearer. I looked around for the person who stuck something in my back. There was no one up the isle. They must have disappeared before I got my sight back. I turned back to the dolls. There was a note hanging in front of me. I opened it. It said: My dear child, you may not believe this but you are worthy of a demon. Well, now that I have jabbed the Demonic Aura into you, I tell you, you are a demon, taking possession of a human form. Strange thins may happen, but that's what happens when a child is honored to become a demon. Now that the Aura is inside your body, trying to connect you with it's demonic powers, I tell you, DO NOT TAKE THE AURA WITHIN YOUR BODY OUT OR YOU WILL DIE IN AN INSTANT. Don't worry about a thing, keep this note to guide you. I will appear when you need my help. Well, a boy named InuYasha will. I thought that I was dreaming. But was I? I could not wait to tell my friends. That's when I walked pas the mirrors in the home section. I was surprised. 
"Oh my gosh!" I said. Someone walked by and stared at me like I was a freak who was rubbing thin air. I looked behind me. The person was glaring at me. Can they not see them? Can the not see that my ears have transformed? My ears were not on the side of my face, anymore, but on my head! To humans, I appeared to be just a human, like them. Could I really only see my ears? Did I have a tail? I looked behind me. No tail. Only ears? I figured it out, I was a cat demon! Just without a tail.
That night when I went to sleep, all I could think about was this demonic aura stuck in my back. I kept the note and the demonic aura stuff and the ears to myself. 
Apparently, mom already knew, because she told me that I was the daughter of two demons. I thought she was crazy, until she showed me her ears. She had ears like mine! I freaked. She told me to calm down or I would wake the neighbors (who lived like a mile away). She told me that she slipped the note in front of my and Dad put the aura in my back. 
"It's true, if you take the aura from your back, you will die in an instant." she said. I nodded, even though I thought it was all a dream. "Demons, in the human world, look just like humans until it's time for battle."
"Okay." I rolled my eyes. "But will this InuYasha person appear to be human?" She shook her head. 
"For some reason, he can't ell who the demon is among humans, so he'll sniff you out. But when you meet him, you'll most likely transform. You can transform any time you want." she said. 
I looked at my back. You could hardly see the aura, because it was so far in m back. 
"That's as far as the aura will go" she said. "You have gained your power, now you just have to learn to use it." I looked back the aura then at my Mom. "Just don't let anyone pull it out, or they will be looking at you, dead." It must have worked it's way pretty far because it was now under my clothes. 
"How do I use it?" I asked. 
"The power will come naturally." she said. I stared at her. I thought she was crazy, but she was serious.